About us

The Best in Nutrition for Sport and Life

The idea for Gelvio was born in the mountains while traversing peaks and savoring the outdoors.

With the right nutrition, I found myself energized to go further, laugh harder, and stay on course.

In preparation for this mountainous trip, I packed an oversized suitcase full of snacks to fuel my monthslong hiking, cycling, and trail running adventures. I took packing this suitcase very seriously! I sourced longtime favorites (hi Nuun) and discovered small emerging brands (hi Mammoth Bar) so that I wouldn’t get tired of the same ol’ energy bar every day. I screened products based on ingredients, allergens, health benefits, and performance. And since I love various activities, I included products for hiking (gimme beef jerky), cycling (tasty waffles), and running (need gels).

The original collection of “Dan’s Snacks” amounted to 300 individual items and 50 different brands because variety is king… and yes, there were overweight baggage fees! Curating this collection of products required a significant amount of research and sampling, but the nutrition fueled me off the beaten path.

After returning, I continued curating products that met my high standards and I quickly realized that other people also wanted to easily discover, order, and switch up their daily fuel. So, here we are years later, bringing you the best in nutrition for sport and life!



Gavia and Stelvio are two spectacular high mountain passes and peaks located in the famed Italian Alps. The company’s name, Gelvio (pronounced like "get" or "gain"), was created by combining these two mountains because we believe that life is a constant pursuit of peaks.

The peaks we pursue during life change over time – marathon, John Muir trail, century bike ride, parenthood, family ski trips – and our fueling preferences will also change, but getting to the top is only possible with proper nutrition!

Your Partner in Nutrition

Quality Products

We evaluate and sample every product against our high standards to ensure that you only shop the best on Gelvio. And what matters to us? Ingredient integrity, allergen awareness, product performance, health benefits, and of course, taste!

Wide Variety of Products

The best way to overcome food boredom is by having an exciting, diverse selection of products. To maximize variety, we let you order single servings as if you were in the store plucking items off the shelf. You can also shop our fuel packs for a combination of convenience and variety.

Select Brand Partners

We carry products from large, longtime favorites (hi Nuun) and small, emerging brands (hi Mammoth Bar). This way, you're able to pickup your tried-and-true fuel while also discovering new, exciting products for your between-meal routine.

Positive Impact

Together, we can make a difference. Gelvio deeply values the great outdoors, and we are committed to protecting and restoring it. A portion of each sale, 10% of profits to be exact, go to our valued nonprofit partners, The Conservation Alliance and Protect Our Winters.