We’re here to fuel you every day
Our Story
Gelvio was born in the mountains during grueling days traversing peaks and pushing boundaries. It was here that brawn was bent and wills were tested, but we prevailed and our stash of fuel won the MVP!
Our founder, Dan, was previously a professional athlete and he created Gelvio because he was tired of endlessly consuming the same fuel. Instead, he wanted an easy way to discover, order and switch up his sports nutrition and everyday fuel. When he realized that others were also experiencing food boredom, he decided to do something about it.
Your Partner in Nutrition
Sports nutrition and everyday fuel so you can make the most of every activity and every day
  • Quality Products: we test and scrutinize every product to ensure it meets Gelvio standards. And what matters to us? Real food ingredients, clean product labels, allergen awareness, and of course, taste!
  • Variety: this is the antidote to food boredom, so we let you order single servings to maximize variety. You can also shop our fuel packs for a combination of variety and convenience.
  • Select Brands: we carry products from small brands and established brands. This way, you're able to discover new options and order your longtime favorites.
  • Preserve Nature: we're committed to restoring and protecting our outdoor playground. 10% of Gelvio profits go to our valued partners, The Conservation Alliance and Protect Our Winters.