JoJé Bar | Oh My, Oven Baked Goodness

Pro cyclist, pro chef, and pro snacker all-in-one.

There are a lot of energy bars out there in the universe, but every once in a while you stumble across a brand, founder, AND product that blows your socks off.. and JoJé + Jess Cerra do just that! Any time we want on-the-go fuel – be it skiing, biking, hiking, or anything else – we're packing JoJe. The hardest part is deciding what flavor to bring!

Jess Cerra is a professional athlete and chef with a passion for cycling and delicious food. During her time as a professional cyclist, Jess noticed that many people in her community were tired of commercialized energy bars, so she decided to put her culinary skills to the test. From the onset, Jess was determined to create a delicious, soft-baked bar that could fuel people's activities. Since pulling the first home-style JoJé Bar out of the oven in 2010, little has changed!

A bar crafted with the science of performance and nutrition.

JoJe Bars

Why We Fuel with JoJé Bars

Taste & Texture

When it comes to texture, the bar is soft, moist and you actually feel like you're sinking your teeth into a giant cookie – which is a hella good thing! The bars are soft-baked by design and made in small batches to ensure their signature quality is honored. The Apple Walnut and Lemon Blueberry flavors are exceptionally soft and chewy as the chunks of real fruit create pockets of fruity moisture.

Fair warning, JoJé bars are a little dense. But, fortunately you don't need to eat an entire bar at once  – unless you want to 😋 And the dense nature of the bar is proof that you're getting a wholesome, real food snack. If you find yourself eating this bar at home, try taking the wrapper off and microwaving the bar for 5-7 seconds. There's obviously no need to do this, but similar to a warm chocolate chip cookie, it just tastes even better. 

JoJé bars come in a number of flavors so you can keep things fresh! Our favorite flavor is Lemon Blueberry, you don't see this fruit combo in energy bars very often, but it's to die for.


Nutritional Profile

JoJé bars are crafted with the science of performance and nutrition. The whole food ingredients in each bar provide you with sustainable energy and the mix of healthy fats, carbohydrates, and plant-based protein is optimal.

The exact amount of micro and macronutrients vary slightly across flavors, so we'll highlight the Lemon Blueberry profile here. With 260 calories and 37g carbs, you are getting a calorie dense bar with both simple and complex carbs for fuel. If you're eating while exercising, having half a bar every 30 minutes will get you in the range of consuming 300 calories per 60 minutes. If you're enjoying the bar as a meal replacement, you'll be satiated for hours. 

Total sugar comes in at 15g per bar, which is right where we'd expect it to be for a bar that is 2.2oz (62 grams). As an example, Kate's Real Food - Lemon Coconut has a nutritional composition that is nearly identical. Given JoJé prioritizes whole foods, the sugar is derived from honey and added fruit; so you can feel good about consuming these simple carbs which are a critical energy source.


Priced Fairly

At $2.99 per bar, JoJé is priced at the higher end of the spectrum. Based on the ingredients, nutritional profile, and home-style baking process, we think this is right on the mark.

Atop the JoJé ingredient list is almonds, organic oats, and honey. When you compare this to Clif Bar, which comes in at $1.45, there is a stark difference in quality. Clif Bar is made with soybeans, tapioca syrup, cane syrup, and sunflower oil. Both bars serve a purpose, but it's important to remember that not all calories are equal.