It's a Stroopwafel Party | Our 5 Favorite

This iconic Dutch snack is narrowing the gap between real foods and sports nutrition.

If you haven't heard of stroopwafels yet, don't worry, you're still invited to the 🧇 party. A stroopwafel, or “syrup waffle” in Dutch, is simply two dried-out wafer cookies with a thin layer of filling in between. Back in the first part of the 19th Century, bakers in the Dutch town of Gouda (yep, like the cheese) began making stroopwafels by hand-pressing dough, crumbs, and a thin layer of syrup together. This Dutch masterpiece fueled European cyclists for hundreds of years, and now we have a number of energy waffles on this side of the pond.

The energy waffle is made with whole foods such as flour, eggs, maple syrup, and honey to bridge the gap between real foods and sports nutrition. No matter what you're doing, fueling up with something delicious is both motivating and rewarding. These waffles are perfect when you want to stay energized on the trail, fuel up before heading to the gym, or pair your morning coffee with a light bite.

A stroopwafel is two dried-out wafer cookies with a thin layer of filling in between.

To get through a day or any activity, your main fuel source is carbohydrates, which is why the vast majority of calories in a waffle come from carbs and not protein or fats. After you eat anything containing carbohydrates (oatmeal, bananas, waffles), those carbs turn into sugars and spread throughout your bloodstream. Energy waffles are made with simple carbs (one or two sugar molecules linked together) to offer quick energy AND complex carbs (three or more sugar molecules linked together) which break down slowly and offer sustained energy. The complex carbs make a waffle more sustaining than energy gels or energy chews, which will often subject you to the dreaded crash and burn associated with consuming only simple carbs.

Stroopwafel Sport Waffle

When looking to waffles for everyday fuel, there are a number of healthy and tasty options available. As the experts in nutrition, we took one for the team and sampled every waffle we carry on Gelvio in order to crown our favorites. No waffle iron or sticky spatula here, just ready-to-devour snacks!


Honey Stinger - Cinnamon | $1.59/waffle

Honey Stinger Cinnamon Waffle

As you likely guessed by the name, honey is the star of the show for Honey Stinger. Honey is a simple carb composed mainly of sugars (fructose and glucose) and it is paired with a gluten-free flour blend to round out the carbohydrates. The waffle has a slightly thicker profile than other options, and the layer of honey filing is subtly sweet. All Honey Stinger waffles are organic and non-GMO, which isn't always the case with sports nutrition products. Honey Stinger nailed this gluten-free recipe as there isn't any appreciable difference between this waffle and one made with the more typical wheat flour.


UnTapped Maple - Salted Raspberry | $2.25/waffle

 UnTapped Waffle

Maple syrup is king for UnTapped! Maple syrup is an all-natural, minimally processed source of simple carbs that’s basically evaporated maple sap. To bring you the cleanest of energy, this waffle is sweetened and flavored with real maple syrup and five whole raspberries. The short ingredient list is very impressive and all ingredients used are vegan and organic! This is in contrast to most other waffles which use eggs and/or dairy products. As a result of using vegan-friendly ingredients, this waffle is a bit on the crumbly side, but the tradeoff is well worth it.


GU Energy - Coffee Caramel | $1.49/waffle

GU Energy Stroopwafel

This dessert-like coffee and caramel waffle is tasty and performance-focused. The coffee flavor is understated and pairs perfectly with the twin wafers. GU Energy gives you 20mg of caffeine (roughly a quarter cup of coffee) for an extra energy boost and 450mg of essential amino acids to help decrease muscle damage when you're pushing hard. These performance focused attributes are consistent with how GU Energy makes their nutrition products. One thing worth noting, the thin layer of filling is made with a sugar based syrup and not a natural sweetener (e.g. honey or maple syrup).


Rip Van Waffle - Chocolate Brownie | $1.79/waffle

Rip Van Waffle

Low sugar. High fiber. Sensational taste! The chocolate brownie lives up to the hype and is rich, chocolatey, and gooey in the best way. Based on its nutritional profile, this waffle is more of an everyday snack. Compared to other waffles, it is very low in sugar with only 3 grams, which is 72% less sugar than the leading breakfast biscuit. You also get a healthy serving of fiber (6 grams), which is roughly one fifth your daily suggested intake. Prebiotic fiber feeds your gut’s good bacteria and helps aid digestion.


Honey Stinger - Honey Mini Waffles | $6.99/bag

Honey Stinger Mini Waffles

It's nearly impossible to keep your hands out of this waffle jar! These mini waffles are perfect for sharing or you can keep the resealable bag nearby for when you want a personal energy boost. The waffles have a slightly thicker profile than other options, and the layer of honey filing is subtly sweet. This organic + non-GMO waffle is made using the original recipe which calls for organic wheat flour. For reference, four mini waffles are roughly equal to one individually wrapped Honey Stinger waffle and the bag includes 18 mini waffles.


Best Overall Flavor: UnTapped - Raspberry Maple

Best for Endurance Sports: GU Energy - Coffee & Caramel

Best Indulgent Treat: Rip Van Wafel - Chocolate Brownie

Best for Sharing: Honey Stinger - Mini Honey Waffles

Best Gluten-Free Option: Honey Stinger - Cinnamon