Gelvio Partners with Tracksmith

The Tracksmith Amateur Support Program was introduced to help high-achieving amateur athletes reach their potential.

The word ‘amateur’ derives from the Latin word for love. As a runner, you have to embrace the process of putting one foot in front of the other. The bright lights of race day only get circled on the calendar every so often. The reality is, most runs are done under the cover of darkness before bosses and kids start buzzing. The grit and passion required to chase self-improvement is what Tracksmith refers to as the amateur spirit.

This amateur spirit is perfectly embodied by athletes that choose to pursue U.S. Trials qualification without financial sponsors. These individuals are betting on themselves every single day and they're dogged in the pursuit of their dreams. Almost all the Tracksmith Amateur Support Program athletes work day jobs to balance the books. Off the track, they are nurses, teachers, Ph.D. students, engineers, artists, and parents. 

Juggling sport, career, and family requires a lot of energy, which is why Gelvio is thrilled to be fueling the Amateur Support Program athletes. Gelvio was created to help athletes make the most of every single day. Whether it's energy gels for a training run, a mid-afternoon protein shake, or trail mix on a rest day – we bring you the best in sports nutrition!

Juggling sport, career, and family requires a significant amount of energy (and fuel).

Tracksmith is a Boston-based running brand built on a deep love for the sport. They craft products, tell stories, and create experiences that enrich the running ecosystem. "Tracksmith has always been inspired by and aspires to serve athletes. We have established a framework with the Amateur Support Program and Twilight 5000 Series to support runners pursuing their dreams,” Matt Taylor, founder and CEO of Tracksmith.

Ashtin Maher

Ashtin Mahler of the Amateur Support Program recently represented the US at the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon. The 10-day event brings together the world's best track & field athletes, and 13 members of the Tracksmith Program qualified for the career-defining competition. Ashtin competes in the heptathlon, which in summary, can be described as an odyssey. The grueling two-day event features seven different track & field competitions and athletes are subjected to countless victories and defeats before the final scores are ever tallied.

Ashtin lives and breathes the amateur spirit. Her and Wolf Mahler, a five-time NCAA Track & Field All-American, have dedicated their lives to their craft. The two don't work typical 9-to-5 jobs, instead they opt for a more flexible schedule that gives training precedence. Life is one big adventure for these two. With Wolf in the stands, Ashtin soared to new heights and finished 11th in the world at the 2022 World Championships. “Blessed” is a common word in the Mahler vocabulary, and the two wouldn't trade their amateur spirit for anything.

Ashtin and Wolf Mahler wouldn't trade their amateur spirit for anything.

In the event you're curious what Ashtin fuels with during her demanding two-day heptathlon events, here are a couple of her favorite Gelvio nutrition products.

  Brooklyn Biltong: for real food protein that helps to rebuild muscle and satiate appetite

  Tailwind Hydration: my go-to electrolyte and calorie mix during long days at the track

  Mammoth Bar: a real food snack when I have a lag between my events