Gelvio Partners with Rapha

Rapha Cycling Club members get the inside track on sports nutrition.

When thinking about the world of cycling and the clothing keeping cyclists comfortable (sort of), safe, and chipper, it's impossible to not think of Rapha. In 2004, while sitting in London, UK, Simon Mottram decided that he wanted to create a sleek, paired-back cycling kit that would draw more people into the beautiful sport of cycling. This simple goal coupled with Simon's lifelong love of cycling, changed the sport and created a global community built on camaraderie, pedaling, and espresso.

Born from a love of sport, Rapha has 21 Clubhouses across North America, Europe, and Asia that serve as hubs for local group rides, double espressos, and the latest Grand Tour highlights. The exponential growth of the sport has unquestionably been aided by Rapha's unending commitment to fostering community across the globe. More recently, Rapha has entered the Mountain Biking category, but its roots are squarely on the road. You can see Rapha cycling apparel come to life with EF Education Pro Team, L39ION of Los Angeles, Lachlan Morton, Lael Wilcox, and many others.

Rapha exists to draw more people into the beautiful sport of cycling.

Rapha Cycling and Gelvio

If you're wondering where the name Rapha originated, take your best guess – we guarantee you're off the mark.. but, that's why we're here 😜 Rapha was short for Saint Raphaël, an alcoholic drink (tonic + apéritif) that was popular back in the 1950's. During this same time, riders on the Tour de France wore Rapha branded kits to promote this drink and circumvent advertising rules.

We don't exactly offer a Rapha inspired tonic + apéritif drink on Gelvio, but we are thrilled to be providing Rapha members with hydration and nutrition options so they can pedal further and faster.

Rapha Cycling and Gelvio

Rapha's presence in the cycling community has been ubiquitous over the years and their Festive 500, Women's 100, and Prestige Rides bring together a diverse collection of riders that care more about the peloton than their individual result. Here at Gelvio, we're happy to be supporting the vibrant Rapha community in a number of ways.

Women's 100
The one day 100km ride is far more than a singular ride, it's a global celebration of women in cycling. Women’s 100 has built a sisterhood that stretches beyond borders and breaks down barriers. It's not just about crossing the finish line, it's the training miles, friendly faces, and weekend rides – they’re all part of the party! Gelvio is proud to provide riders with nutrition and hydration support during their epic day on the saddle.

Prestige Rides
Adventure, teamwork, and resilience – these are the pillars of Rapha's global series of Prestige Rides. Spanning from Spain, to Japan, to California, riders are gifted an unmarshalled and unsupported adventure across unforgettable terrain. Each of the 13 annual rides is designed to put riders, and their team of four, to the test. Gelvio is proud to provide riders with nutrition and hydration support during and leading up to their bucket-list ride.

Rapha Cycling Club (RCC) Members
The Rapha Cycling Club was founded in 2015 with a simple mission: bring cyclists together. Well, looking at the club 7 years later, there are over 17,000 members worldwide – we'd say mission accomplished! Local Rapha Clubhouses serve as a springboard for members to explore their city on bike and foster community. One of the membership perks is subsidized nutrition from Gelvio, as we all know cycling requires a full snack pack!

Rapha Cycling and Gelvio

Photo Credit: Rapha, Jordan Clark Haggard