Gelvio Partners with Impala Racing Team

Fueling the Impala women as they chase down major marathons, Olympics trials, and centipede glory.

The Impala Racing Team is a San Francisco-based all-women’s running group that has been on the move since 1979! This impressive group of athletes has sent at least one runner to every Olympic Trials since its inception. In the 2008 and 2012 Trials, the Impala Team sent more runners to the Marathon Trials than any other team in the US (women's, men's, and co-ed). This group of women are fast.. but they're also civic-minded and love a well-timed snack break!

When Sue Johnston and Karen Cox founded the team in 1979, the athletic era for females was not overly inviting. Both women were talented distance runners, but there weren't many places to run and encouragement was lacking. In the late '70s, San Francisco running teams were mixed gender, but women members were not expected to compete. As a result, Johnston and Cox took it upon themselves to create an inclusive athletic community.

They chose the name “Impala” because it symbolized sleek, graceful speed: a statement of what they wanted to become as a group. The Impalas became an official USATF team in January of 1980 and have been a force in Northern California and beyond ever since.

The Impala's have sent at least one runner to every Olympic Trials since its inception.

Impala Racing Team

Today, the Impala Racing Team has over 150 members with representation of all age groups and running aspirations. Members compete in a wide variety of track, road and cross-country events, so it's hard to attend a race and not see an Impala cross the finish line.

Each Spring, the Impala's host the Stow Lake Stampede – a fun 5K & Kids’ Mile race that strides through Golden Gate Park. The race is open to people of all ages / abilities, and the course is USATF certified so you'll find some of the fastest runners in the Bay Area putting on a bib.

If you're fortunate enough to attend the annual Bay to Breakers in Francisco – a whacky 12K event with almost every runner in a costume – keep your eyes peeled for the Impala women. They will be tethered together for the duration of the race and competing in the "centipede" division. To much fanfare in 2019, forty five Impala's channeled their inner RBG (U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg) and ran 12K wearing a real judge’s robes along with all the courtroom accessories.

Impala Racing Team

Here at Gelvio, we're thrilled to be fueling the women of Impala! They all wear the iconic blue top, and judges robe from time to time, but nutrition is highly personalized and everyone has their unique preferences. With the right fuel and adequate energy; balancing running, work, and life is a little easier.


Photo Credit: Marnie Kinnaird