Gelvio Partners with Alto Velo Racing Club

Why one of Northern California's premier cycling clubs is fueling with Gelvio.

Regardless of the athletic label you assign yourself – casual, competitive, or crazy competitive – nutrition is an important part of the equation as you strive for your goals. Just as every person has their own unique approach to sports and exercise, every person has a unique set of food & hydration preferences. As an individual, you have the freedom to "play the field" and find products that you like best.. and it's ok, your list of favorites will certainly change over time.

A desire to honor athlete individuality is what led us, Gelvio, to partner with Alto Velo Racing Club. Historically, cycling clubs will partner with individual nutrition brands and then riders are encouraged to fuel up with those specific products. These one-off partnerships tends to be narrow in scope and leave club members wanting the products they actually fuel up with on and off the saddle. Enter Gelvio, we allow riders to mix-and-match to their heart's content.

Gelvio allows you to mix-and-match nutrition to your heart's content

Alto Velo Racing Club

Alto Velo Racing Club

Alto Velo Racing Club is a premier cycling club in Northern California. They support a friendly and inclusive community of cyclists that includes people of all levels, disciplines, and backgrounds. They host a variety of weekly rides that vary in difficulty, organize group training sessions, and offer members racing opportunities. Additionally, they strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment to help riders pursue cycling aspirations – ranging from general fitness to national championship glory.

Alto Velo is one of the largest and most successful amateur racing teams in the San Francisco Bay Area. With a roster of 50 racers across both women’s and men’s teams, Alto Velo jerseys can be found at just about every NorCal race or group ride. While they are primarily a Road team, Alto Velo riders also enjoy many other disciplines including Cyclocross, Track, Gravel, and Mountain Biking.

Alto Velo Cycling Club

Here at Gelvio, we're proud to support Alto Velo Racing Club with fuel for sport and life! These are not professional cyclists that are supported by coaches, mechanics, and lucrative sponsorship deals. Instead, this is a collection of people that work 9-5 and also happen to love the sport of cycling and camaraderie that comes with it. There are no Tour de France winners here, just brand managers, engineers, and teachers that are committed to a healthy, active lifestyle.